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I am an Authentic Touch Certified Practitioner with the International Institute of Natural Wellness Education. I use essential oils to improve holistic wellness using a well-rounded tool kit of techniques to apply essential oils in various ways for all types of conditions. The Authentic Touch Practitioner certification program incorporates principles of the 5 element theory as a way to look at the body as a whole. This includes the Authentic Touch Spinal Application Technique.

I use a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and pulse assessment with essential oils. The select targeted essential oil is then applied daily to specific acupoints to balance the entire body. In this way, your essential oils become a part of your daily nutritional and herbal protocols to nourish and balance the entire body at the cellular level.

Essential oils are, and always have been, a vital component intended to be used in a daily supplementation program for complete wellness.

I am familiar with all aspects of Authentic Touch Therapy, including the science of essential oils, reflexology for emotional balancing and physical health, safety practices which includes blending and diffusing techniques, various layering and application styles, as well as aromatherapy.


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My purpose is to help others recognize and develop their inner physician in order to discover the truth with respect to their health and wellness, restoring energy and balance in their lives. My desire is to empower and educate others in the building of successful businesses.

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