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"Today's Reminder: I am capable of many things I could not even have considered before. I may even be capable of pursuing my heart's desire." 

Courage to Change

healing power of nature


An amazing blueprint and design exists for each and every one of us. This blueprint is very intricate, with natural laws of healing programed into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body of man and womankind. These laws of healing guide us and let us know when we are out of balance. We are like snowflakes, each one different from the other and yet filled with wondrous “stuff” that is ours to uncover.

The physical body is designed to let you know, through pain and uncomfortable body sensations, that something is not right. When this happens, the body is telling you that it needs attention. Almost all of the symptoms that we see the doctor for are related to the liver and some emotional pain or hurt we have experienced but not dealt with. Happiness is an inside job, and the lack thereof is expressed through digestion, blood pressure, headaches, and all sorts of varying symptoms. By suppressing each symptom with medication and not looking for the cause on a deeper level, it will take MORE discomfort to get your attention.

The emotional body is designed with a uniqueness that can be compared to flowers. There are so many different species, and each one responds a certain way to light and soil. We too need to cultivate the right kind of light, soil, and water for our emotional inner garden. I see some people as desert plants; they appear to be conservative and not needing much emotionally from others to be healthy. There is also the opposite of this; people who need others and who reach out into the world in a colorful and bright showy fashion. The Enneagram plays an instrumental role in helping my clients see their own emotional matrix, the great design of who they are and how they are made.

How we each think mentally is different. For instance, I feel first and then think which is how my brain was wired in the womb. Being an intuitive and coming from a “knowing” helps me to take the right action. I know that others might act first, think, and then feel later. We are a mixture of the universe and the different stars that shine above us. Each person is born with their own North Star. This inner compass leads and guides us with natural laws that work internally and externally. The North Star led many seamen for centuries, guiding them home.Your North Star is guiding you whether you are aware of it or not. Coming home to yourself and treating your body, mind, and soul with dignity and respect will not only heal you on many different levels, but it will also heal the world.

I see people who are sick, unhappy, overworked, undernourished, with very little beauty and joy, cut off from “self” and afraid to say “no” because they might hurt someone. Most people who have been diagnosed with cancer have no idea what it is that would make them happy. I see poverty within the soul of humankind. We were designed with greatness “To Be,” not “To Do.” My wish for the reader is that you believe in something, and you can find that something by looking at nature and seeing all of its magnificent gifts. You are one of those gifts!


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