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Deep within the inner part of your body, which we’ll refer to as the “gut,” resides the home of billions of good bacteria that play a major role in your health. The microbiome affects your skin, blood sugars, hormones, your cardiovascular, neurological and respiratory systems, glands, weight and your immunity. Let’s compare the “gut” to Earth, our home. The Earth supports all life, as does your microbiome; if it is healthy, you are healthy. Modern medicine is now claiming that most diseases actually originate in this special place in our bodies, the microbiome.  

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has considered the spleen to be part of the digestive system along with the stomach and pancreas. But in fact, according to their theory, five major organs are also involved in the digestive process and should include the heart, lung, kidney and liver.

So what has happened in the last 20 to 30 years that is causing so many issues with our health? The world today is far removed from the laws of nature and what was once considered normal. Man has created fake food and poisoned just about everything that is meant to maintain our health, including the air that we breathe and our food and water. The real surprise to me is that eating fake foods and being out of balance seems perfectly normal to most people. They don’t know any different, and yet their health is deteriorating on a daily basis because they’re eating foods which are chock-full of chemicals in order to create a long shelf life. You want food that is as close to Mother Nature as you can get.

The environmental toxins alone burden our blood, liver, and kidneys, causing horrible damage to our health and the quality of life. Less than 100 years ago, man knew that in the springtime he needed to eat bitters to cleanse his liver and kidneys. He would pick dandelion greens and eat them as a bitter salad with his meals. When he cleansed the animals of parasites, he also cleansed himself along with his family. Today I recommend a daily detoxification to keep the body free from contaminants of all kinds. I teach my clients what they can do to help support their eliminative organs.

When we poison ourselves daily and the body is constantly toiling to survive, this really affects our thinking and feeling. Drugs are often used to suppress the symptoms, when, in reality, all the body may actually need is rest, fresh food, sunlight and laughter.    

My hope is that I encourage you to learn how to keep your body in balance. Feeding your body Super Foods (HERBS) is the key to creating the health and vitality that you want to have in the daily processes of life and aging.



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