Nature's Sunshine HerbsTested for Purity & Potency



At Herbs by Design we offer high-grade Nature's Sunshine products. Most of the herbs sold today have no quality laboratory testing. NSP has six. They have a full staff of quality assurance PhDs who are focused on testing the purity and potency of every raw material and ingredient in their products.

NSP’s 4 Steps to Proven Quality

  1. Raw material sourcing - Quality begins at the source with on-site inspections
  2. Formulating for efficacy - With over 40 years of proven techniques, NSP has created effective products that truly transform lives and build loyalty
  3. Superior in-house manufacturing - NSP invests millions of dollars annually in quality assurance; they know what is in their products
  4. Meticulous product testing - Staff work diligently to ensure that the precise amounts of the proper plant species are included in their formulas. Some tests include heavy metals, radiation, pesticides and herbicides, dirt and other materials

Savvy health practitioners and customers TRUST the NSP brand.

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