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dandelion healing herb

Why Is Dandelion So Dandy?

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale 

Out of all the herbs I could have picked as my logo, I chose dandelion. This is an amazing herb with a great history. It is thought that the Mayflower brought this special “food source” to the New World which we know as the Americas. Throughout Europe dandelion was used as food, tea, and coffee for the weak and sick. It is one of the most nutrient packed herbs in the plant kingdom and people would rely on it to help sustain them during famine. Throughout the centuries, it was used as food and medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the root was used for breast abscesses, mastitis, urinary infections, jaundice, red swollen eyes, and fevers.

Only in the twentieth century did humans decide that the dandelion was a weed.

Healing Powers:
• It is high in magnesium and helps with all bone disorders
• It helps the liver and gallbladder in their vital role of detoxifying fats within the body
• If you suffer from hepatitis, dandelion is a friend to your liver
• Dandelion is used as a general body tonic
• It works its way through the urinary system to help restore balance and health
• This amazing herb is high in Vitamin A and C, plus minerals and cell salts
• Spring tonic
• Blood builder
• Aids skin problems and detoxifies poisons
• Tea made from the root and leaves can help with digestion

This wonderful plant is very hearty and can actually grow up through concrete. It gives your body strength energetically. The colors of this dandy herb are green (healing) and yellow (creativity). It is plentiful enough to spread all over the world. What an incredible gift from nature! So the next time you see this so-called “weed,” maybe it is telling you that it will bring remarkable gifts to your body. That is how I view dandelion. It is a mainstay that keeps my body supported.


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