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herbs and the healing process


After beginning an herbal program and change of diet, many people experience uncomfortable symptoms. This is known as a “healing reaction” or “healing crisis.” The most common symptom reported by my clients is a temporary reduction in energy. They may find themselves very tired while this healing process is going on in their bodies.

Once a person is feeling better and has more energy, the body will begin to rid itself of toxins in order to restore vital health to its proper balance. So, healing is a matter of giving the body what it needs through herbs, foods, exercise and lifestyle changes, and a new way of thinking.

Often during this process old symptoms will temporarily reappear. Why should people have to go back through these old problems in the course of getting better? The analogy can be seen using a step ladder. We descend in slow steps downward as our health regresses. You will experience a specific kind of symptom along the way; perhaps less energy at one step, pain throughout the body at another, and then something else completely different. A healing crisis occurs when we ascend the step ladder and have to go back through the same steps/symptoms that we had experienced before. Here’s an example. Before I knew about health, I took a lot of medication for migraine headaches over the course of 15 years. My body got to a place where it rejected all drugs by forcing me to vomit. So, I suffered for years with debilitating headaches, unable to get any kind of relief even with medication from the doctor. Once I started taking herbs and properly feeding my body, I found myself feeling great for months on end, with no sign of a headache in sight, and then out of the blue, the migraine would reappear and pattern exactly as it had in the past. However, with each healing, the symptoms would lessen as I began to regain my constitutional balance. It took my body almost six years to “heal itself” through physical responses which eliminated the headaches once and for all. Most notably, I have been migraine-free for years, and what I have learned is that they were the result of a congested liver which I was able to cleanse using different Chinese formulas.

Most people do not realize that it takes years to develop a “dis-ease.” For example, a liver will be 70% nonfunctioning before medical tests are able to reveal a diagnosis. Another way of saying this is that we work our way to illness by thinking incorrectly and by not following the laws of nature concerning how we are to live and eat. Packaged man-made food and chemicals have never been a part of what makes us healthy. Real food without all of the chemicals and poisons is the way a body should maintain itself.

Herbs are wonderful foods that help us in a variety of ways; they activate our systems and assist in the building and cleansing processes. I am not speaking of low-grade herbs, as they too must be of superior quality. From the unearthing to encapsulation for consumption by the consumer, it is vital to know the WHO and HOW they are packaging the herbs you buy.

When someone is in the midst of a healing crisis, they may be worried that they are getting worse, rather than getting better. If the person is undergoing a healing reaction, it is a sign that he/she is stepping up to a higher level of wellness. It is so exciting for me to help a person through this process, rather than seeing someone suppress their symptoms like I did years ago.


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