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"Today's Reminder: I am capable of many things I could not even have considered before. I may even be capable of pursuing my heart's desire." 

Courage to Change

all things possible

What if?

“What if” a person could open an amazing space for all possibilities in their life? “What if” you could help your body in its healing process? “What if” you could transform the core beliefs that you have carried your entire life into possibilities and new opportunities? “What if” you could connect with your wildest dreams, whatever they may be? “What if” you could turn back the clock and think like you did as a child, with an open, honest and wondering mind of learning and knowing?


Napoleon Hill gave us this great statement of truth, “Every defeat, every disappointment, every adversity carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.” Brilliance is about recognizing opportunities that others miss. What do you want to be different in your world? If you open up your mind and ask the question, “What if,” that varicose vein (the one bulging out in the back of your leg that hurts a lot) could tell you what you must do to help it heal. Remember, we are talking about a place where all possibilities arise within you. This is the place where brilliance lives inside each of us. No one taught you this as a child, and yet as a child, you were very familiar with this place.

I want you to travel with me and take a little journey back in time to where you naturally lived, growing up with all possibilities in your mind. We lose this as children, and as adults, we see that our lives are missing the mark of where we want to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you use the “What if” and ask whatever you want, this extraordinary question will open up the pathway to an answer outside the realm of reason and “in your box” living and thinking. I had a client ask, “What if my vein could speak to me and tell me what I need to know about caring for myself?” She was surprised when this thought popped into her conscious mind, “You need to let go of the past, lighten up, nothing is as important or serious as you think it is with your loved one.” She now has touched wisdom from her body and knows what she needs to do for her vein. Your body expresses unconscious beliefs that you are not aware of.

You can use this “What if,” with ease and belief like the child you once were, in every area of your life that you want to open up to all possibilities. My therapist once told me that by the time a child reaches the age of ten they are brilliant, and that if they took one child from every nation and asked them how to solve the world’s most pressing problems, they would be able to do it with ease and brilliance.

“What if” this too could open up a space of brilliance deep inside that you had forgotten even existed? Our bodies are mysterious and wondrously made. I am playing with this in my life and it is a joy and pleasure; I write down my “What if” question in a journal and then listen to what comes up. With each try, I am getting braver, loving the anticipation of response. I am utilizing this technique with my greatest dreams; this method will certainly take you beyond where you could ever go without it. My best goes out to you as you explore like you once did as a child, filled with wonder and joy.



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