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"Today's Reminder: I am capable of many things I could not even have considered before. I may even be capable of pursuing my heart's desire." 

Courage to Change

all things possible

What if?

“What if” a person could open an amazing space for all possibilities in their life? “What if” you could help your body in its healing process? “What if” you could transform the core beliefs that you have carried your entire life into possibilities and new opportunities? “What if” you could connect with your wildest dreams, whatever they may be? “What if” you could turn back the clock and think like you did as a child, with an open, honest and wondering mind of learning and knowing?


herbs and the healing process


After beginning an herbal program and change of diet, many people experience uncomfortable symptoms. This is known as a “healing reaction” or “healing crisis.” The most common symptom reported by my clients is a temporary reduction in energy. They may find themselves very tired while this healing process is going on in their bodies.

Once a person is feeling better and has more energy, the body will begin to rid itself of toxins in order to restore vital health to its proper balance. So, healing is a matter of giving the body what it needs through herbs, foods, exercise and lifestyle changes, and a new way of thinking.

finding the mind body connection

Your Body Follows Your Mind Natural healing practices have captivated me for over 20 years, and the following statement is a starting point for learning how to take charge of your life. During an appointment with a new client, I always ask what they want to change about their health; knowing that your body follows your mind is a powerful tool.

dandelion healing herb

Why Is Dandelion So Dandy?

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale 

Out of all the herbs I could have picked as my logo, I chose dandelion. This is an amazing herb with a great history. It is thought that the Mayflower brought this special “food source” to the New World which we know as the Americas. Throughout Europe dandelion was used as food, tea, and coffee for the weak and sick. It is one of the most nutrient packed herbs in the plant kingdom and people would rely on it to help sustain them during famine. Throughout the centuries, it was used as food and medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the root was used for breast abscesses, mastitis, urinary infections, jaundice, red swollen eyes, and fevers.


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